Webb County Ticket Dismissal and Defensive Driving Requirements

If you received a ticket in Laredo, Webb, Rio Bravo, Dolores, or another city in Webb County, Texas, here are your options:

  • Pay for the ticket and have points added to your license
  • Plead not guilty and defend your case in course
  • Take an online Texas defensive driving course, pay a reduced fee, but with no points added to your license.

The following violations require the following fees to be paid:

  • Speeding up 9 mph over the limit: $157.00 flat fee or $117.10 with defensive driving course
  • Speeding 20-25 miles over the limit: $207.10 flat fee or $117.10 with defensive driving course
  • Running a stop sign or red light: $177.10 flat fee or $117.10 with defensive driving course
  • Parked in handicap parking: $274.00 flat fee or $117.10 with a defensive driving course
  • A full list of violations and fees can be found here

If you choose to take a defensive driving course, your insurance cannot be raised nor will points be assessed to your license. However, if you were responsible for an accident this option will not be available for you. You must complete the course within 60 or 90 days (the court will determine your time limit) and send a certificate of completion to the Clerk of Court. Our state-approved defensive driving course is 100% online and provides you with a downloadable certificate the moment you complete the course.

Before you take a Texas defensive driving course, you must ensure the course is state-approved, which ours is, and inform the Clerk of Court of you desire to take a defensive driving course. You must also confirm your eligibility for the course with the Clerk of Court. You may only take the defensive driving course once every 12 months.