Texas DPS Authorized Type 3A Certified Driving Records

A 3-year driving record contains your driving history including infractions that have been settled by the court during the past 3-years, driving restrictions and any other driving-related information. Points dismissed by traffic school will not be visible.

Only type 3A Certified Driving Records are accepted by the state of Texas to dismiss a traffic ticket. In addition to the completion of a Texas defensive driving course, you must submit this type of driving record to the court.

Free Email Delivery

To make the ticket dismissal process easier, we offer you the option to order your driving record when signing up for the Texas defensive driving course and will deliver it free via e-mail! These driving records are Type 3A certified and meet the requirements of Texas courts. You can choose to order your record during enrollment at a discount or separately after you complete your course.

Driving records are also used by potential employers and insurance companies. It is in your best interest to review your driving record periodically, especially if you believe there are points or tickets that should have been dismissed. Order and review your Texas driving record today, before your employer or insurance company.


Texas Driving Record

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