Online Texas Driving Record FAQs

Are these official Texas driving records?

Yes, the Texas DPS has authorized to provide type 3A certified Texas driving records.

Who should order a Texas driving record?

There are many reasons you may need to order your driving record. If you plan on applying for jobs that involve driving, switching insurance companies, or want to confirm the number of points on your license your driving record may be needed.

What information is on a Texas driving record?

Your type 3A record will contain all violations (moving and nonmoving), all accidents, points on your license, and current license status.

How is a 3A driving record different from other types of Texas driving records?

There are six different types of driving records offered from the Texas DPS. Type 1 is a status record, which means it only provides information on the current status of your driver's license. Type 2 driving records go back three years, and type 2A is a certified version of type 2 records.

Type 3 driving records provide a current status, and a list of all accidents and all moving and nonmoving violations. Type 3A is a certified version of this record. Because it is the most comprehensive record, only provided to whom the record belongs, and it is certified, it is the only type accepted to dismiss a traffic ticket.

The final type of driving record is type AR, which is a certified abstract (or summary) of your complete driving record.

Is a Texas Driving Record the same as a Driving Abstract?

In the state of Texas, a driving record and a driving abstract are two different things. If you need your driving record to dismiss a Texas traffic ticket, you need type 3A certified Texas driving records. If you are unsure what type of driving record you need, check with the institution or company that is requesting your records.

What if there is a mistake on my Texas driving record?

If you believe your driving record contains inaccuracies, you will need to discuss this with the Texas Department of Public Safety.

How will my Texas Driving Record be delivered?

Purchase of your Type 3A Driving Record includes delivery via e-mail for no additional charge.