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Parent-Taught Driver Education Online

Texas TDLR Approved

The Texas Department of Public Safety allows driver ed to be completed outside of the classroom if the course is part of the approved parent-taught driver education program. This program, also known as PTDE, helps students and parents connect on the important topics of driving safety and ensures qualified adult guidance during driving hours.

How Does it Work?

Each student and parent is required to request approval to complete the parent-taught driver education by completing a TDLR application. Once you have been approved, the TDLR will send you a Parent Taught Driver Ed Packet filled with information and forms. Once your TDLR packet has been received, you will be able to begin the online course material necessary to apply for your first Texas learner's license and driver's license. » Learn More

Texas Drivers Permit

Teens 15-17 can apply for their drivers permit after completion of the 1st unit. The student and parent or legal guardian must bring all required forms (which are included in the packet you receive from the TDLR) to their local Texas Department of Public Safety office. » Learn More

Take Your Permit Test Online

Students using our parent-taught program will have the option to upgrade and skip the stress and hassle of taking the written test at the DPS. Our DPS-approved online permit exam is a convenient option that allows you to attempt the official permit test online in the comfort of your home. Students who elect to take the permit test online will receive notation on their certificate as proof of completion; students who do not take the test online will be required to complete the exam at the DPS office. If you have any questions about this process, simply contact our live 24/7 support and we will help to answer any questions you may have.

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