Garland Defensive Driving and Ticket Dismissal

If you found this page, we're going to bet you received a ticket in Garland, Texas, or elsewhere in Dallas Counry or Collin County. You're probably feeling a bit of anxiety and a lot of frustration right now and, while we can't get rid of the ticket for you, we're here to make handling it as painless as possible.

First, consider your options.

You have the right to request a trial by jury and contest your ticket in a court of law.

But, if you chose to plead guilty or no contest then you have four payment options:

  1. In person, which requires you appear at the Municipal Court Building between 8:00am–5:00pm Monday–Friday. You may pay with a credit card, but a 3.5% charge will be added to the transaction
  2. By mail, which means you call 972-205-2330 to confirm your charge amount and then send a check or money order in the mail with a copy of a valid photo ID within 12 days of receiving the citation
  3. Online, which also charges a 3.5% convenience fee
  4. You may drop the payment off in the night drop box beside the Court building.

Regardless of your payment method, points will be accessed to your Texas driver's license unless you take a driver safety course. Taking a Texas defensive driving course will keep points from being added to your license and prevent your car insurance from rising.

To take a course you must first request it within 12 days of receiving your citation, provide proof of a valid Texas driver's license and of car insurance, and pay an administrative fee. You may request this option in person or by mail.

Those cited with driving over 25 mph and those who have completed the Texas defensive driving course in the past 12 months to dismiss a ticket are not eligible to take the course.

Our 100% online Texas defensive driving course will help dismiss your ticket and keep your insurance from increasing. The best part—you can start it today!