Cameron County Ticket Dismissal and Defensive Driving Requirements

If you have been ticketed in Cameron County, which includes cities like Brownsville, McAllen, Harlingen, and Rio Grande City, the first step you have to take is to discover what options you have. Each city in Cameron County has slightly different laws regarding ticket payment. You should call (956) 554-6700, provide your citation number, and discover your options and decide which to take. If you do not call the court within 10 days of receiving a citation, you are subject to more fines and penalties.

Likely, you will have three options available: plead not guilty and go to court; plead guilty and pay the fine, adding points to your license; plead guilty, pay the fine, and take a Texas defensive driving course, which will prevent points from being added to your license and keep your car insurance premium from increasing.

It behooves you to keep points from your license because:

  • Points can significantly increase your driving insurance premium
  • Once you have 6 points on your Texas driver's license, the Texas Department of Public Safety (TDPS) will suspend it
  • Reinstating your Texas driver's license may cost heavy fines
  • You may become subject to Conviction Based Surcharges

Save yourself some time and money by electing to take a Texas defensive driving course. Our course is 100% online, TDPS-approved, and lets you start today.

However, not everyone is eligible for this option. Those who took this class within the last twelve months may not take it to dismiss a ticket. Those cited for extreme offenses, like passing a school bus, are likely ineligible to take this option. You must call the court to see if you qualify for defensive driving course option.

Get started today with our state-approved Texas defensive driving course.