Mesquite Defensive Driving and Ticket Dismissal

Those who received a ticket in Mesquite City, Texas, or elsewhere in Dallas County, have a number of options available to them. Adults may apply for a different dismissal option in person at the Court Clerk's Office or in open court. Adults may also apply by mail. However, juveniles must apply for dismissal in open court. If you fail to qualify for a dismissal, you have twelve days to apply for a separate program.

Differed Disposition option:

If you are 25 years or older, you may be eligible to plead guilty, pay an administrative fee equal to the fine, and complete a 60 day probation period. If you drive for 60 days without another violation, your charge will be dismissed and points will not be added to your license.

To qualify:

  • You cannot have completed a differed disposition within the last 6 months
  • You must have valid car insurance at the time of the incident
  • You must not hold a commercial driver's license
  • If you were cited for speeding in a work zone with workers present, speeding over 15 mph in a school zone or over 30 mph in regular zones, you cannot elect this option.

Driver Safety Course option:

You may have a moving violation dismissed through a defensive driving course, though you must inform the court of your intention to do so within 12 days of receiving a citation. For this option, you plead guilty or no contest; pay $134 for offense in a school zone or $109 for all other citations; 90 days after approval, complete a 6-hour, state-approved Texas defensive driving course; within 90 days of approval, bring a certificate of completion to court.

Texas defensive driving course will keep points from being assessed on your license, to qualify you must:

  • You must have a valid Texas driver's license
  • You must have valid car insurance when cited
  • You cannot have taken a defensive driving course within the last twelve months
  • You cannot hold a commercial driver license
  • If you were cited for speeding over 24 mph or over 95 mph, you are not eligible
  • If you received the violation in a work zone with workers present, you are not eligible

If you qualify for and would like to elect the defensive driving course option, we offer an 100% online state-approved Texas defensive driving course. Start the class today!