Nueces County Ticket Dismissal and Defensive Driving Requirements

If you received a ticket in Corpus Christi, Robstown, Ingleside, Aransas Pass or any other city in Nueces County, you may be eligible for to take a defensive driving course. Our's online defensive driving course may allow your ticket to be dismissed and keep points from being added onto your license.

First you must decide if you want to plead guilty and pay the fee or dispute the ticket within 10 days of receiving the citation. If you chose to dispute the ticket, you must attend a court hearing to defend your case. If you plead guilty, you must pay the fine and have points added to your license or call the Nueces Texas Court at 361.888.0839 and see if you are eligible to take a defensive driving course. The court will decide on a case by case base as to whether you may take a class or not. However, you are likely eligible for a Texas defensive driving course and ticket dismissal if you:

  • You offense was minor
  • You have not taken a defensive driving course within the past year
  • Have no current points on your license

Extreme offenses, like leaving the scene of an accident or passing a school bus, are unlikely to be granted permission to take a driving school. Taking a defensive driving course keeps points off your license, which keeps your insurance rates from increasing and prevents a license suspension. Remember, those who receive six points on a Texas driver's license from violations within and outside of the state will have their driving privileges suspended.

Points are assessed by the Texas Responsibility Program in the following manor:

  • If you receive a traffic citation for a violation that does not result in an accident, two points are added to your license.
  • If your violation resulted in an accident, three points are added to your Texas driving record

If you driver under the influence or without insurance or a license, you will be subjugated to annual "Conviction Based Surcharges" fines for three years in addition to points being added to your license.

Our online class will keep points off your license. You can start our Texas Defensive Driving Course today.