Midland County Ticket Dismissal and Defensive Driving Requirements

If you received a citation in Midland, Odessa, or any other city in Midland County, then there are a few options you can take.

It is important to know that you have a right to Trial by Jury to contest the ticket. On the other hand, you may plead guilty, which gives you two options. You can pay the ticket and have the points added to your license, or you can pay the ticket and elect to take a Texas driving safety course, which will keep the points off your license. You may also speak with a judge even if you plead guilty or nolo contendere.

Some citations can be paid online here. In order to see if you can do so, you should call 432-685-7314. Other fines must be paid at the Municipal Court-Cashier in person. People under 16 years old must appear in court before a judge.

Regardless of your payment method, to keep points off your license you must take a Texas driver safety course. You likely qualify to take a Texas defensive driving course if:

  • You have not completed a driving safety course within the last 12 months for a ticket dismissal
  • You have a valid Texas driver's license
  • You do not have a commercial driver's license
  • Have proof of liability insurance or financial responsibility
  • Request to take the course in person or by mail within 14 days of receiving the citation
  • You were not cited for driving over 25 mph the set limit
  • You were not cited for passing a school bus
  • You were not cited for driver over 95 mph

If you are eligible for a driving safety course, you must notify the court through writing or verbally of your intention to do so before your court appearance date, usually within 14 days.

Once you begin Texas driving defensive course you have 90 days to complete it and send a certificate of completion to the court, as well as a copy of your driving record.

Our state-approved Texas defensive driving course is 100% online.