Texas Defensive Driving Questions

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Below the most frequently asked defensive driving questions. For more course-related questions, click here.

How often can you take defensive driving in Texas?

You can take a defensive driving course in Texas once every year for ticket dismissal. Insurance discounts for defensive driving courses expire every three years.

How long does defensive driving online take?

The State of Texas requires defensive driving online courses to take a minimum of 6 hours to complete. In compliance with the state, our Texas Defensive Driving course is 5 hours of material with 1 hour of total break time, and may be completed at your own pace.

How much does it cost to take defensive driving course in Texas?

The state of Texas requires defensive driving courses to cost a minimum of $25. We charge the minimum price allowed.

How much is a speeding ticket in Texas?

In Texas, the cost of a speeding ticket varies per county, how fast you were driving over the limit, and other fees that can be tacked on.

If I do defensive driving, do I have to pay the ticket?

Yes, the defensive driving course can keep points off of your driver's license, but you still have to pay for the ticket.

If I take defensive driving, will my ticket be dismissed?

When you take a defensive driving course in Texas, it keeps points from being added to your driver's license, which prevents your insurance company from increasing your rates due to the incident. You still must pay for the ticket, but it will not degrade your Texas driving record.

Can I take defensive driving for insurance discount and for ticket dismissal?

Yes. If you take a defensive driving course to dismiss a traffic ticket in Texas, you can use that same course to receive an insurance discount (if your insurance company offers such a discount).

How do you request defensive driving in Texas?

In Texas, you must request permission to take a defensive driving class from the county court that issued your ticket, and the methods vary by county. Visit our Texas counties page to learn more.

How long is a defensive driving course certificate valid in Texas?

A defensive driving course certificate in Texas is valid for three years for an insurance discount.

Will this course be accepted for ticket dismissal in my county?

Yes. Our Texas Defensive Driving course is accepted in all Texas counties. Some county courts have their own rules and requirements for ticket dismissal, so before beginning the course, find out if your county has any specific procedures to follow.

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