DPS-Approved Parent-Taught Driver Ed Programs Now TDLR-Approved

Written by Staff Writer

Effective September 1st, 2015, Texas' parent-taught driver education programs are no longer under the jurisdiction of the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). Under Texas Education Code Chapter 1001, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation is now responsible for monitoring and approving Texas driving courses, including:

  • Driver Education Schools
  • Parent Taught Driver Education Programs
  • Driving Safety Course Providers
  • Driving Safety Schools and Instructors

Parent-Taught Driver Ed Program Guide

In order to enroll in parent-taught driver ed, parents are required to apply and receive a P.T.D.E Program Guide. All applications must now be sent to and processed by the TDLR. Previously issued DPS packets and approvals are still valid and parents are not required to apply again with the TDLR. Click here for full instructions on requesting your parent-taught driver ed guide from the TDLR.

DPS Parent-Taught Driver Ed Certificates

Have you received a certificate for parent-taught driver education from the DPS? Although the certificates will now be issued from the TDLR, TEA certificates will remain valid and you may continue to use them.

DPS-Approved Parent-Taught Driver Ed Programs

As of this time, all licensed or approved schools and programs (including our parent-taught driver ed course) under the DPS are now TDLR-Approved, and all courses must be TDLR-Approved in order to be valid. In the future, these schools will need to re-apply under new regulations set by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. The TEA remains the approving agency for public primary and secondary education. For more information regarding TEA approved courses and regulations, visit their website.

The DPS is also still the regulating entity for all driver permits and licenses, so while you will apply with the TDLR for a guide and take a TDLR-Approved Course, you will still apply for your licenses at your local DPS location.

TDLR-Approved Courses

TexasDrivingSchool.com is proud to offer TDLR-Approved courses. If you have any further questions on these changes, please contact us.