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Texas Self-Taught Online Drivers Ed

Texas TDLR Approved

Texas Online Drivers Ed is a TDLR-approved self-taught driver education course for teens 14-17 years of age. This online Texas drivers course is a convenient and cost-effective way to learn about driving safety while fulfilling the 32 hours of state required classroom education. has designed this course for teens who want to self-initiate and fulfill this requirement on their own - without requiring the aid of a guardian, parent, or instructor.

How Does Online Driver Ed Work?

The Online Drivers Education course allows teens complete their own driver's education training online and without needing a guardian or parent to be present. This means not staying after school, taking long and expensive in-person classes or working around the schedule of a parent or guardian. Teens who enroll in this TDLR-approved course can immediately begin their online driver's education after signing up. That means no instructor approval process or waiting for forms from the state in the mail.

Texas Online Drivers Ed will teach students about:

The purpose of Drivers Ed is to teach a new driver defensive driving habits and traffic laws. Topics covered include but are not limited to sharing the road with other drivers, handling emergency situations, the dangers of distracted driving, and reading traffic signals and signs.

Earning Your Learner's Permit

Students 15-17 will be able to take the online learner's permit exam after completing Module 1 (6 hours) of the Texas Online Drivers Ed course. After successfully completing this requirement, a Texas Driver Education Certificate (DE-964) will be mailed to the student. The student, accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, will then present this certificate and other required forms to a local Texas Department of Public Safety office to receive their learner's permit.

The Online Learner's Permit Exam

The ability to take the's online permit exam is included for all students enrolled in the Texas Online Drivers Ed course. Our learners permit exam is DPS-approved and can be conveniently taken at home. The successful completion of this learner's permit exam will be noted on the Texas Driver Education Certificate (DE-964).

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